Volume 7, Issue 2, Feb 2018


An Automatic Target Recognition and Finding Image Preprocessing Approaches for SAR Images: A Survey

Authors: Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Dr. L. K. Vishwamitra

Abstract- Target detection is that the front-end stage in any automatic target recognition system for artificial aperture measuring device (SAR) representational process (SAR-ATR). The effectuality of the detector directly Impacts the succeeding stages among the SAR-ATR method chain. There are numerous methods according to the literature for implementing the detector. We offer associate umbrella beneath that the numerous analysis activities among the shearer loosely probed and taxonomies. First, taxonomy for the numerous detection methods is projected. Finally, a novel discussion is given, whereby the issues lined embrace quality of SAR information models, understanding the increasing SAR information models. We tend to make a contribution toward sanctionative associate objective vogue and implementation for target detection.

Keywords- synthetic aperture radar; target detection; prescreened; automatic target recognition;Single-featurebased methods; constant false alarm rate; multi-features based methods; expert system-Oriented methods.


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