International Journal of Recent Development in
Engineering & Technology

1. What is the Impact Factor of IJRDET
Ans: As per International Society for Research Activity the  ISRA Journal Impact Factor of IJRDET is 
            2.517 for year 2018.

2. When IJRDET is started.
 Ans: IJRDET started in the year 2013 with the aim of providing a platform to worldwide researcher
     community to publish their research work.
3. Is IJRDET is Open Access Journal
Ans: Yes, IJRDET is Open Access Journal. Published articles  can be downloaded free of cost by any 
             researcher throughout the globe.
4. How much time to complete a review? 
Ans: Each submission undergoes detailed review by IJRDET  Team Reviewer . A minimum of 5-8 days
             is required to complete the review  process.
5. Is there any paper publication charges in IJRDET ?
Ans: Right now IJRDET do not charge any publication fee. Even  there is no charges for Paper Formatting.
6. How to submit a paper? 
Ans: Please submit your manuscript by simply mail your  manuscript as attachment at [email protected]  
            and [email protected] . Your paper must be in MS Word or PDF format.
7. How much time acknowledgement of submitted paper is  mailed to author.
Ans: After receiving the paper successfully, the Editor checks  the authenticity of paper with the scope of journal.
            After which Acknowledgement is mailed in 24  hours.
8.  What is average  time period to publish any research paper in IJRDET? 
Ans: Complete publication of issue  takes 10-15 days.
9. Do I need to submit the copyright form along with the  manuscript? 
Ans: It will be highly appreciable if the author submit  copyright form along with the article.
10. Is any Hardcopy of Certificates is couriered after  publication ? 
Ans: Hardcopy Certificates of  Individual Published Paper is printed on demand  free of cost by the team. 
             Only courier charges will be applicable which varied  from 50 INR to 100 INR .
11. What is the minimum time for solving any Query related  to Publication ? 
Ans: 24 hours.
12. How to correct an experimental data in published paper? 
Ans: Contact the editorial team at [email protected]. Mention  the changes and provide the revised manuscript. 
            The revised manuscript shall be  published in accordance to editor suggestion.
13. What is the Page limit for single paper ?
Ans: Single paper ranges for 03 pages to 08 pages.
             In case  of more figures/images/table, papers up to 20 pages will be accepted.