Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2017


Mathematical Modeling and Performance Analysis of V-Grooved Single Pass, V-Grooved Series and Parallel Flow Double Pass Solar Air Collectors

Author: Mulugeta Tadesse

Abstract- Solar collector is a device of mechanism to collect solar radiation energy and convert it into heat energy which in turn used as source of energy for different purposes. Solar air collectors are desired to increase the temperature of air that admit from the atmosphere passing over the solar collector absorber plate. Now day different mechanisms of configurations solar collectors are developed which can be appropriate for different applications as its energy and amount of working fluid requirement. In this project modeling and performance analysis of v-grooved single pass, parallel and series flow double pass solar air collector was conducted for the area around Wolaita sodo. In this comparison the useful heat energy gain of v-corrugated single pass is 788.01W, v-corrugated parallel flow double pass is 788.01W, and series flow double pass is 1575.43W assuming 40 oC average temperature difference. The output temperature to the mass flow rate of working fluid, output temperature to flow contact area, and overall efficiency of the collector to mass flow rate of the working fluid modeling result simulation was conducted by using math lab software for these v-grooved single pass, series and parallel flow double pass to their similarity and difference.

Key words - Output Temperature, Performance, VGrooved Solar Air Collector, Working Fluid

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