Volume 6, Issue 5, May 2017


A Review on Color Filtering Techniques

Authors: Gaurav Gulati, Garima Garg

Abstract- Recognition object from image plays a vital role in digital image processing. There are many schemes for identifying object from images. The good detection scheme must able to retrieve as much of image details even though the image is highly affected by noise. Noise in images is caused by the random fluctuations in brightness or color information. Noise represents unwanted information which degrades the image quality and creates difficulty to detect an object. Noise is defined as a process which affects the acquired image quality that is being not a part of the original image content. There are many source from where noise can mix with digital image. During acquisition process, digital images convert optical signals into electrical one and then to digital signals and are one process by which the noise is introduced in digital images. So in this paper we study about many filters that are used for de-noising image and helps in detection of right object.

Keywords- Image, Pixel, Color, Object, Filters

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