Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2017


A Review on Performance of Comparator in Analog to Digital Converter

Author: Manju Pawar

Abstract - The analog to digital converters is the lock devices in current era of electronic items. As the digital signal executing industry steps up the ADC structure becomes high and high target for scientists. Now days an ADC becomes an instance of the system on IC board at place of standalone circuit for signal converters. This increases the needs on ADC structure concerning for sample speed, power, area, resolution, disturbance etc. New ideas and methods are moving to generate as day by day pass to get high performance ADCs. So, it is said that the comparators are the lock analog building mode of any flash ADC and highly influence performance. A high degree of comparator accuracy is essential for best ADC performance. In this paper we discuss on recently observation on comparator deployed in analog to digital convertor and also observe the performance of ADC by using this comparator.

Keyword- Comparator, low power, high speed, low area

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A Study on Various Speckle Noise Diminution Techniques

Author: Shruti Bhargava


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