Volume 6, Issue 12, December 2017


Improvement of Biogas Production by Co-digestion of Microalgae

Authors: Himanshu Joshi, Archana Paranjpe

Abstract: This paper presents microalgae as the third generation bio energy feedstock. Whether it has possibility and feasibility to replace the fossil fuel in future was discussed. Microalgae can convert to biogas, bio oil, and bio diesel and bio ethanol. Through the description of the microalgae characteristics and compilation with other biomass feedstock, Microalgae has high lipid contents, fast growing and less land use superiorities. Microalgae have potential benefits to become a renewable energy from biological properties point of view. Microalgae as renewable energy resource, the sustainability of microalgae must to be estimated. However, some challenges are still limiting the development of microalgae. In conclusion, microalgae have most possibility to replace fossil fuel in the near future.

Keywords: Biomass, Microalgae, Co-Digestion, Renewable Energy , Biogas


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