Volume 4 , Issue 12, December 2015 (Title of Paper )

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Biogas Generation through Reused Digested Waste

Author: Jitendra Sharma

Abstract- Eco-friendly and renewable energy is a must in today’s scenario. There are various cellulosic biomass available in the rural areas of developing countries. Biomass acts as a good potential source to cater to the energy demand. The annual generation of biogas is about 18240 million cubic meters (m cu m) [1]. The increasing number of poultry farms is another source which can generate biogas of 2173 m cu m annually. In country like India itself there is huge amount of biomass available which is a good renewable source of energy [1]. Biogas comprises of 60-65% methane (CH4), 35-40% carbon dioxide (CO2), 0.5-1% hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and the rest is water vapor etc. To meet this ever -increasing demand fossils fuel such as coal ,oil, natural gas have been exploited in an unsustainable manner. Digestate is the A by-product of methane and heat production in a biogas plant, is digestate which comes from organic wastes [6]. Depending could be a solid or liquid material based on the biogas technology.

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